10 Tips on Video Blogging For Your Business

Video is becoming a common communication tool and an integral part of blogging. I recently purchased a Flip video camera, and these inexpensive and very portable cameras have made video production a snap. But there are a lot of horrible and ineffective videos out there.

Video is best suited for product demos, intensive discussion, interviews, client testimonials, or establishing thought leadership. Here are 10 tips that will help you create excellent footage – not just add to the visual clutter:

-Format is important. Keep it short. 3-5 minutes will hold your audience’s attention. Any more than that and you will lose viewers.
-Commit to some frequency: weekly or bi-monthly series to maintain momentum.
-Use established third-party sites and services for delivery (examples: YouTube, blinkx.com, Vimeo and others) along with posting videos on your own site.
-Test for compatibility with all Web browsers, plug-ins, and operating-systems.
-Record several takes and edit the best parts of each one into a single video.
-Smile! No one wants to listen to a grump.
-Vary the tone and pitch of your voice. Do not speak in a monotone.
-Move your head when speaking to help emphasize your words. Use subtle movements of your head when speaking to help emphasize what you say, along with eyebrow movements, widening their eyes, pursing their lips, and other facial “punctuation marks.”
-Look at yourself in the mirror beforehand and make sure you look good, that your hair is in place, and that you don’t have a collar or a tag turned up or worse. Don’t trust the image on the screen. Use a mirror and look at yourself closely.
-Learn your editing software and be reasonably proficient in it. While you don’t need to win awards for your video editing, the more skills you develop, the more compelling your clips will be. You should be able to: Cut and rearrange clips, add titles, transitions, and effects, blend or overlap scenes, and add separate audio tracks and modify audio levels

The opportunities for using video are endless. You can be explaining new products,introducing an upcoming event that you are putting on, inviting viewers to sign up for your newsletter. Showing colorful scenes of your restaurant or retail store is an excellent way to invite people to visit. If you haven’t introduced video into your marketing activities by now, run out and buy one of these tiny gems. You may be surprised at your own creativity!