Niche Video Blogging, or Marketing With Your VodCast

Most of the top videos on Google Video and YouTube are not marketing material. They’re funny, sexy, exciting, or amusing, but not many of the top popular videos are marketing material.

These video hosting companies cover the bandwidth of the videos being viewed, so everyone can be happy. Is there a way to tap into the video boom for niche marketing? Chances are that the answer is yes.

While you may drool over the numbers reached of views on the top 10 videos, remember, it’s not always the size of your traffic that counts. Is anyone else in your niche making videos? Even if the answer is yes, you may find that there is some aspect of the niche they aren’t covering. You can cover it and have your own niche video blog. If no one else is really putting out videos in your niche, get a head start on your competition now.

There really isn’t much reason not to try a video blog. It’s extremely inexpensive today to make amateur videos. You can do a lot with very simple tools and some creativity. Think about making some product review videos, or make an infomercial type of interview video. You can make a tour of your business or location video, tutorials, and more. If you’re really creative, try something funny or amusing that might make it into the high ranks of popularity.

Don’t forget to brand your video. Add your logo as a title graphic, add your copyright information in the properties of the video, and link from your video to your site. Add posts to your blog embedding your video and you’ve got a niche video blog!

There’s some noise these days about “webinars”, and usually after the event a movie file is available. If you’re doing niche webinars, you can upload them also to the video hosting sites and blog about your webinar. This will bring you residual traffic that didn’t make it to the webinar and increase your branding, traffic, and customer base.

While it may seem like one more tool to run after, video is probably only going to grow on the internet. Use it to your advantage now while the competition is still figuring out sound podcasts. You’ll be glad you did.